Re: Floating point coprocessor

Gavin Bell (
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 21:24:28 -0400

At 8:26 pm 13/9/94 -0400, Elliott Mitchell wrote:
> (William Dick) wrote:
>> My Mac 7100/66AV bombed this afternoon while attached to the
>>Cornell Reflector ( and operating CUSM PPc0.70b9. I
>>received the message "Floating point coprocessor not installed" as the
>>machine crashed.
>I've had the same difficulty with my 7100. My technical guru tells me
>there's a software FPU available for the Power Macintosh, but neither of us
>can locate it on the nets. Maybe somebody knows where it can be found.
>I'm told that it's dreadfully slow, but then it's gotta be faster than a
>crashed Mac :{)

Software FPU is available in your local info-mac archive as


excerpt follows from readme

John Neil & Associates
P.O. Box 2156
Cupertino, CA 95015

SoftwareFPU 3.0 Release Notes

Welcome to SoftwareFPU! To install this shareware 68K-only version of
SoftwareFPU, drag it onto your System Folder and restart.

If you use SoftwareFPU, please register your copy with John Neil &
Associates. The registration fee for the shareware 68K-only version is
just $10.
A "fat" 68K/PowerPC version is available for $20. You can also register
on-line using CompuServe (GO SWREG). Registered users receive a free
upgrade that allows the startup "thank you" balloon to be hidden.
Registration information and a registration form are available by clicking
the "Plea" button in the SoftwareFPU control panel.


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