All Mac: fix to push-to-talk crash believed by thousands

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 23:15:29 -0400

Given the responses below, I think we can consider this chapter closed once
something is added to the ReadMe file. Going, going, gone? :-) M

--------------- rehash follows -------------------

> asked:
>> Will everyone who reported that push-to-talk crashes this time please (1)
>> remove your old preferences file, (2) try again, (3) let the list know if
>> this fixed the problem?

At 11:54 9/13/94, Rolf Kocherhans wrote:
>This works also with a Centris610 8meg System 7.5b and lots of INIT's.
>Just wanted to let you know in case yuo start a database or some thing.

At 17:08 9/12/94, Przemyslaw Soszynski wrote:
> For the information: When I started using CUSM 68K0.70b9 it crashed my
>QUADRA 610 too, but once I removed the old CUSeeMe Preferences from the
>System Folder it created new preferences and now everything is OK.

At 6:37 9/13/94, Miles Abernathy wrote:
>Thanks to the folks who suggested trashing the Prefs file. I did, and now
>the PTT button works correctly!

At 6:20 9/13/94, Bill Ingalls wrote:
>I had not read that I should dump my old prefs file first ! Doh ! and of
>course now CU-SeeMe works just great ! Yeah ! I can lurk and send audio !
>Thanks folks !

At 10:19 9/13/94, Taner Halicioglu wrote:
>bingo. That did it. Thanks! :)
>Taner Halicioglu - Q 800 wrote:
>I have used CUSeeMe 68K0.70b9 on a Mac IIvx, IIx, IIfx and LCIII.
>In all cases I trashed the old preferences file before attempting to launch
>the new version and it has worked fine with *no* "Push-to-Talk" bombs. (Rob Joyce) said:
>Hi- I removed my prefs file and b9 seems to work perfectly! I have a
>Quadra 610. wrote:
>The Push-to-Talk Button in 68K0.70b9 works fine on our Mac IIvx.

At 16:48 9/12/94, Bruce Benson wrote:
>It crashed my quadra 600 once - I removed the prefs file restarted it and
>it hasn't crashed since on my machine or a couple of others I have tried it
>on here.

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