Re: ALL MAC: New Nicknames file that won't crash you!

Dick Dramstad (
Wed, 14 Sep 1994 09:23:41 -0400


>The following list has the nicknames changed to <30
>characters (and works on my PowerBook 520c). Please
>use this list to prevent the nickname-length bug from
>crashing CUSM/Mac. [...]

I hesitate to ask this since you're already doing all the Mac
CUSeeMe users such a big favor by maintaining this list, but I've
seen that you've placed information on your WWW site already, so
maybe this wouldn't be a big deal to ask of you. Because of e-mail
mangling of tabs and other mishaps, it's sometimes a lot of work to
edit the nicknames files you send out to the cuseeme-l into usable
form again. Would it be too much trouble for you to do one of the
following? Put both your commented and stripped down Nickname files
- an anonymous ftp server of your own;
- your Web Server; or
- in a directory on that Cornell might be able to
set up for you?

Dick Dramstad