Re: All Mac: fix to push-to-talk crash believed by thousands

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Wed, 14 Sep 1994 10:46:37 -0400

At 3:38 9/14/94, alastair keady wrote:
> (Michael Sattler, San Francisco) wrote;
>>Given the responses below, I think we can consider this chapter closed once
>>something is added to the ReadMe file. Going, going, gone? :-) M
>>(stuff followed about thrashing the prefs and knocking nicknames to 30 chars
>>or less and > no more than 30 names etc.)
>Well, not so soon!
>I STILL get the same problem after doing all of the above.
>My set up: Mac 840AV, system 7.1, 50 meg Ram, about 12 inits, no attached
>camera, testing audio using internal cd. Mac TCP 2.0.4.
>Before going the nickname editing route, I was crashing on app startup.
>Now I just crash on push to talk. I dumped the prefs (a couple of times
>just for luck!).
>I get the same old error number 227
>b.09 works fine on the 8100AV with much the same setup (except I have a
>camera on that machine). I havn't tried connecting a camera to the 840, but
>the problem lies with the audio in any case.

Good morning Alastair (my time :-)

As you say, I believe you have a problem unrelated to the Nicknames file
but connected to the AVness of your machine. Yesterday I sent to the list
a request for all AV owners to respond with the success/failure on their
machine. I haven't gotten responses yet.

This 227 error: Mac OS or CUSM? Does anyone else see this, in the
post-long-nicknames era?

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