Reflector Crash over SLIP

Jon DeFriese (
Wed, 14 Sep 1994 12:53:49 -0400

Hello CUSeeMe'ers,

We are testing a new reflector and are running into a problem.

I hope the experience of the list will be able to help.

Version and Hardware INFO:

Reflector: 2.30b1 running on Linux Slackware 2.00 (PreCompiled from Sunsite)
Mac: PPC 0.70b9, PPC 7100 AV, System 7.5, MacTCP 2.04
PC: ThinkPad 750 C, IBM PCMCIA Enet Card w/ LanWP for DOS ver. 4.1
<AND> IBM PCMCIA 14.4 Modem card w/Trumpet WS for SLIP

The scenario is:

The reflector runs smoothly when connecting macs and pcs from network


When we connect using SLIP from the PC running Trumpet Winsock and connect
to the Reflector I get the error:

recvfrom error on vid_sock: Network is unreachable: FATAL ERROR: EXITING

(this error is displayed at the console of the Reflector Box)

and the reflector crashes.

The reflect.log file doesn't say anything irregular to me. It shows the
connection and the fact that the user wants to recieve video and audio from
the other connected users, but no error messages like the console message.

This does not occur when using the same machine (the PC) over ethernet and
LanWP for DOS, just when using Trumpet and SLIP.

The Errors at the clients say that the connection "TimedOut," probably
because the reflector crash has left both clients connectionless.

It does appear to work for about half a frame of video (CUSeeMe tries to
paint the incoming video window but only gets half of the image.)

Thanks in advance for your help, Jon


Jon DeFriese

University of North Carolina
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