Re: CU-SeeMe reflector list

Thomas Diessel (
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 03:42:09 -0400

>>Thank you for creating and maintaining the CU-SeeMe reflector list.
>>But I have a problem with it. I fear that my mail program Eudora or
>>the editor converted tabs into spaces. Now:
>>Could you please describe the file format? (e.g. are there tabs between the
>>fields in a line?)
>>Is there a place to ftp the list?
>Try this one; tell me if it got converted.
Sorry, no!
I received your e-mail with Eudora. Then I copied and pasted the nicknames into
a SimpleText window, saved it, and copied the file (named "CUSeeMe Nicknames")
into my Preferences folder. When I started CU-SeeMe for the first time it
converted the file but ended up with an empty prompt box and finished
after pressing the button in that box. The second attempt let CU-SeeMe run
but still with damaged nicknames, e.g. a long name filed and an empty IP
address field.
I fear this is more an e-mail problem than a CU-SeeMe problem.
I use Eudora 1.5b3. I don't know a possibility to set the tab handling.
But can't you send the nicknames file as a MIME attachment?


Thomas Diessel

Thomas Diessel
University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich - Computer Science Department
D-85577 Neubiberg, Germany