Re: CU-SeeMe reflector list

Graeme Smith (
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 05:12:14 -0400

RE>>CU-SeeMe reflector list
Thomas et al

i have follwed a simple procedure and it has worked fine... below..

1) coppied the adress mail (i use quickmail) to the clipboard and opened
BBedit (new doc)..paste the whole message in to that doc..

2) selected the whole doc and choose <Cut lines containing...> from the
<Extensions menu> and choose the hash symbol (#), then deleted other blocks
of text manually, select the remaining text and copied it

3)Opened my cu-seeme nicknmes file with bbedit (prefences folder), pasted
the new list under it.. selected all again and copied..

4) Opened excel selected cell A1 in a blank worksheet .. selected columns
A-E, sorted all by column C (the IPs) .. selected the rows that i have
repeats of manually...(by IP), deleted those rows, selected columns A-E, and
sorted by column B ( nicknames) copied to the clipboard, and pasted directly
into the Cu-seeme nicknames file in bb edit --( already open) and saved..

5) Opended CU-Seeme viola -- 51 sites in my nick-names menu

this procedure take 2 - 3 minutes to do.. (less than 1 minute if you have
applications already open)

cheers graeme --