Re: CUSM demo tomorrow

Stan Borinski (
Sat, 17 Sep 1994 00:12:15 -0400

> The University of Auckland is having an openday tomorrow. We have setup a
> reflector at and have a few PPC Macs with cameras setup in one
> of our labs. The Openday runs from 10am until 4pm (NZST is GMT -12 ie.
> Sunday noon here is Saturday 5pm in California).
> I have left this announcement rather late as the Univesities link out is
> only 128kbits/s... I didn't want lots of people dropping in because it
> would do bad things to the net...

Might I suggest that this is a little rude. If you wish to conserve band-
width, set the max connections to your reflector to 5 or so, instead of 20,
and then politely tell someone to disconnect if they stay too long. This way,
we could all get a turn. As is, you're leaving out the digest subscribers
and the people that have a life (i.e., those that won't be reading this on a
Friday night here in the States). Sorry, but your message hit a nerve.

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> However, if your not doing a lot in these hours please feel free to connect
> and say hi.
> Thanks
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