RE: Re[2]: color video?

Mr. Delbert K. Matlock (
Mon, 19 Sep 1994 15:29:00 -0400

For environments with high-bandwidth and/or fast computers, the OPTION to
turn on color would be nice. Perhaps the reflector code could be enhanced
to handle color to B/W conversion so that a client can decide weather to
accept color or B/W video.

B.T.W., I'm also looking forward to some enchanced resolution and sound in
the Windows version.

From: cu-seeme-l
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: Re[2]: color video?
Date: Monday, September 19, 1994 1:44PM

To all --

My question on this is: is color really necessary?

Color would be good, but I would rather sacrifice it for better
performance/clarity over the Network. I've been testing lots of
desktop video product and so far, CUSeeMe has actually had the best
performance (not to mention way-best price/performance!). It is also,
the only B/W product.

I've spoken with several business executives (VP level and above) on
this matter and they agree -- color is nice, but it is more important
to see the nuances and gestures of the person than the color of
his/her shirt.

Am I wrong that there should be much less video info x'mitted for B/W
than for color?