Open Day - please drop in.

Iain Campbell (
Mon, 19 Sep 1994 20:59:12 -0400

Hi everyone,

The University of Glasgow, here in sunny Scotland, is having an Open Day on
Wednesday the 21st (ie THIS Wednesday).

I'm hoping to have two CU-SeeMe terminals setup in separate labs for the
visiting school pupils to play with. I might even swing it to get a third
terminal set up in our department's Staff Common Room (Computing Science).

So, if you're about during the following times on Wednesday, please drop in.

Reflector Address: (Glasgow, United Kingdom)

Equivalent Times:
20:00 - 03:00 New Zealand
18:00 - 01:00 Australia, East coast
10:00 - 17:00 Central Europe
--> 09:00 - 16:00 United Kingdom (GMT+1) <--
04:00 - 11:00 North America, East coast
01:00 - 08:00 North America, West coast

The only thing I ask is that you don't leave yourself connected when you're
not actually at your camera. none of that bloody "Kent State University" nonsense, please. ;-)

As the vast majority of pupils will be visiting in the (ie our) morning,
I'm especially keen for folk from "down-under" and from Europe to drop in

It's unlikely that most of you in North America will be in the office at
the busy time, but if you're getting bad performance, you might want to try
connecting to the reflector at NERSC in California instead. Jim Morton
there has kindly linked it up to ours... ...give it a try,
we'd both be interested to hear if it gives better performance than a
direct connection.



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