I got CU-SeeMe and Enjoy It Now

Hiromi Azuma (azuma@mel.cl.nec.co.jp)
Tue, 20 Sep 1994 03:37:58 -0400

Dear Sirs;

I send a message at '94 Sept. 14 19:01(JST), and got many returns.

Thank you for all you've done for me. I received messages from Dr.Yufan
Hu, Dr.Rolf Kocherhans, Dr.Paul S. Troutman, Dr.Jud Elliott, Dr.Hitoaki
Sakamoto, Dr.Michael Abdilla, Dr.John Carey, Dr.Matthew Rosin who send me a
Japanese message, and Dr.Joanne Callahan brought me an information on the

Special thank to Dr.Leigh R. Carmichael send me CU-SeeMe.68k0.70b9 BinHex
file, and Dr.K C. Lun introduced the Inaugural Conference of the Asia
Pacific Association for Medical Informatics which will take place at the
Mandarin Singapore from 10-12 November 1994.

Now I can enjoy CU-SeeMe between the normal mac systems.

H.Azuma (azuma@mel.cl.nec.co.jp)
Sensor Res. Lab., NEC Corporation.