Re: Re[2]: color video?

Bob Junke (
Tue, 20 Sep 1994 09:20:36 -0400

On Tue, 20 Sep 1994, M. Carleer wrote:

> Dear all,
> I personally think color is very important: Our eye/brain system is trained
> since birth to interpret color. In understanding what is going on at the
> other end of a CUSeeMe transmission, the color is of great help, especially
> when the spatial resolution of the picture is not great (CUSeeMe: 160x120
> pixels). On the other hand, to increase resolution of the picture by a
> useful amount, you have to more or less double the linear resolution, which
> means transmit 4 times more info per picture. Compare this to the
> transmission of color where, because of the characteristics of the eye, you
> need only to transmit around 6 percent more info, and you get the same
> perceived increase in understanding of the picture. Because transmission of
> color imposes such a small burden on the jerkiness of video, and because it
> so much improves the comfort of viewing, I think it should be included as
> fast as possible in CUSeeMe. If you are not certain of the latter ascertion,
> try just to look at a small (16x120 pels) picture in color side to side with
> it's B/W version, and you will clearly see that it is far easier to read the
> color one, even if you are not interested by the actual color of the shirt
> of the person facing you!

Yes, color is prettier to look at, but in an environment of productivity,
it isn't always necessary or desired. In keeping with network
efficiency, 16 shades of gray does the job beautifully. If something
must be delivered in color, save it as a compressed still, and use FTP
while at the same time conducting your conference in gray.

Just my humble opinion,

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