color video?

Randolph Chung (
Tue, 20 Sep 1994 09:21:58 -0400

In article (M. Carleer) writes:

>means transmit 4 times more info per picture. Compare this to the
>transmission of color where, because of the characteristics of the eye, you
>need only to transmit around 6 percent more info, and you get the same
>perceived increase in understanding of the picture. Because transmission of
>color imposes such a small burden on the jerkiness of video, and because it
>so much improves the comfort of viewing, I think it should be included as
>fast as possible in CUSeeMe. If you are not certain of the latter ascertion,

Again, I can only speak from the point of view of someone who doesn't know of
how CUSeeMe works, but: I do not think that transfering color would only
increase the data load by 6%. As much as you say that the human eye sees color
more comfortably than B/W (which I absolutely agree), to change from CUSeeMe's
currently 16 greyscale video stream to 16-color video stream would cause
(IMHO) a degrade in picture quality because:
1) real video cannot be realistically mapped into 16 colors
2) color video streams are not as compressible as B/W ones and the performance
would decrease

This is not to say that color is not possible and not good, but perhaps it's
better to perfect the earlier (b/w) technology before we leap into color...

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