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Douglas R. Grabowski, Jr. (MICRO2@UConnVM.UConn.Edu)
Tue, 20 Sep 1994 13:57:54 -0400

I am a Multimedia Consultant here at the University Of Connecticut. Using CU-S
eeMe for about a week now, I have been excited about the potential of sending v
ideo. We have a ton of AV equipment here, and I can't see why I can't be sendi
ng video. HOWEVER, I would like to ask all of you out there for your help.
I have a Sony Hi8 S-VHS camera, A Mac Quadra 900 with 128MB RAM, and I am using
Radius VideoVisions card and hardware, along with their Pro24X video card. I
am perfectly capable of doing whatever I want with the video, but all that I ha
ve seen documented is the Spigot and vdig stuff. I guess the question is
simply: can I send video over CUSeeMe with this setup?????

I really appreciate any and all help you can give me. Please feel free to mail
me directly at MICRO2@UConnvm.UConn.edu. THANKS!!!


Douglas R. Grabowski, Jr.
The University Of Connecticut Computer Center Multimedia Lab
micro2@uconnvm.uconn.edu | dog94001@uconnvm.uconn.edu
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