Re: CU-SeeMe/Mac 0.70b9 and MacOS 7.5 - works for some of us

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Tue, 20 Sep 1994 13:59:13 -0400

Hardware: Mac PowerBook 520c, 12mb RAM
Software: MacOS 75, MacTCP 2.0.4, lots of INITs/CDEVs
Target: CU-SeeMe/Mac 0.70b9

At 07:19 9/20/94, Dave Goldstein wrote:
>I have not been able to run Cu b9 at all since I upgraded to system 7.5. It
>starts ok, but locks completely when I try to access the menus. Any ideas?

Yes, use 7.5's extentions manager to eliminate all INITs and CDEVs other
than what you need to run TCP. Then try it. You may be seeing so
conflict. b9 works fine for me.

General 7.5 note: I had to zap my parameter RAM (three times according to
Apple) to get 7.5 to work properly. It'd been acting very wierdly up to
that point. So perhaps you should zap your PRAM after the eliminate-stuff
step, if that doesn't do the trick.

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