Liz Thomson (
Wed, 21 Sep 1994 05:36:26 -0400

>HOWEVER, I would like to ask all of you out there for your help.
>I have a Sony Hi8 S-VHS camera, A Mac Quadra 900 with 128MB RAM, and I
>am using Radius VideoVisions card and hardware, along with their Pro24X
>video card. I am perfectly capable of doing whatever I want with the
>video, but all that I have seen documented is the Spigot and vdig
>stuff. I guess the question is simply: can I send video over CUSeeMe
>with this setup?????


I am using a Quadra 950 with video spigot for Cu-SeeMe I also have a
Radius VideoVision Studio card in the system. I have not been able to
get Cu-SeeMe to work with the video input on the VideoVision card though
using the audio input with a good quality mike improves the sound. I
have used the VideoVision card to record to video tape the screen
display while using Cu-SeeMe and it should also be useful to Project the
screen display.


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