Re: Reflector in OZ?

Geoff Rehn (
Wed, 21 Sep 1994 05:47:32 -0400

At 04:09 AM 21/09/1994 -0400, Merv Connell wrote:

>Does anyone in Australia have a reflector running?
>Is there anyone willing to run CUSeeMe and leave a camera turned on
>somewhere and occasionally connect via audio as well?

At Murdoch University, we have a reflector that can be turned on and off, as
It is also setup for private conference and is Maven capable.

It would indeed be convenient for me if at 1:30pm Perth WA time = 3:30pm (?)
your time if indeed you were connected to our reflector, as I have visitor
who wishes to see CUSM.

If you are interested in connecting to our reflector (IP let
me know and I will pass on the conference id.

You would need to keep your cap (bandwidth) at 80kbps max.

If we do connect via audio, Intel DV/I at say 50ms.
Freeze framing/Pausing the video while doing an audio link improves the quality.

Let me know and I can turn on the reflector, turn on a camera, and even be
there if we can arrange it.

I assume you are talking Mac CUSM. What version are you running?

Do get back...

Geoff R.

Geoff Rehn
Lecturer, Educational Technology
Academic Service Unit Murdoch University