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JONES, BYRON (BJONES@admiss.msmail.miami.edu)
Wed, 21 Sep 1994 10:31:57 -0400

>Yo yall,
>I know this is short notice but I would appreciate if a few Cuseeme'rs
>could call into The Interactive Systems Centre reflector from around 2:00
>pm onwards on the 22nd Sept as we will be spreading the name Cuseeme
>throughout the rest of Ireland.
>Thanx in advance
>Mike McCool Email:MJ.McCool@ulst.ac.uk
>Interactive Systems Centre (ISC)
>Magee College
>University of Ulster
>Derry Tel: +44 504 265621 x5405
>N.Ireland. Fax: +44 504 370040
>BT48 7JL WWW : http://www.iscm.ulst.ac.uk/
> " Perceptions can be twisted, reality can't. "

Gee, do you think you could give us the IP address or domain name?
Also, 2:00 Eastern Standard Time, Central Daylight Savings Time, Fiji Time,
Please be more specific...


Byron Jones
Office of Admission
University of Miami

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