CU-Seeme & the Web

Andrew Wooldridge (
Wed, 21 Sep 1994 13:38:55 -0400

I was browsing the web a few days ago and came across the
CU-Seeme web site (other than the ftp site) which actually caused me to
subscribe to this listserv -- essentialy it was using a web-based control in
conjunction with a CU-Seeme link. The user controls a camera via web and
see's the results via CU-Seeme. Is there anyone else who is working on
other such WEB/CU-Seeme projects? I am hoping in the future to find a way
to alter Mosaic to include "in-lined" windows that are from CU-Seeme, but
I am just starting out... and I don't want to re-invent the wheel..
in case you dont have the URL at hand, it is:

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