Mr. Delbert K. Matlock (HEBERTO@MEAKINS.Lan.McGill.CA)
Wed, 21 Sep 1994 16:08:14 -0400

Sorry if it is a FAQ but it was not in the FAQ list.
If I load my 3c509 driver, the protected mode interface and then Win
3.1 with Win32s, I can click on CU-See-me and I can receive pictures
from the PowerMac next door.
But If I first login in the Novell network, then call Win, when I
click on CU-See-me I got ' error binding to UDP port 10048' all other
tcpip users like ftp, mosaic etc work fine.
I just got the latest version 1 hour ago.
Since I do not have a frame grabber, I can not send any picture. But
not even text?
Thanks for any enlightment..

R.Heberto Ghezzo -