840AV video input problems

James Hill (jamesh@imagen.sclara.qms.com)
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 12:32:18 -0400

I know this is not directly related to CU, but since it does affect my ability
to use CU I feel justified in asking this question here. :-)

My 840AV has begun 'scrambling' all video input from both the s-video and
composite input ports. Complete trash. I called Apple and they were, big
suprise, of no use whatsoever.

I have re-installed QT 2.0, but that didn't help (thanks alot for THAT
suggestion Apple Tech Support). Also trashed various prefs files, but no go.

I have tested the output of my VCR and camera with another source and they both
work fine.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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