Re: Snow (840 AV video input problem)

James Hill (
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 15:26:56 -0400

In message <> Liz Thomson writes:
> I know this is not directly related to CU, but since it does affect my
> ability to use CU I feel justified in asking this question here. :-)
> My 840AV has begun 'scrambling' all video input from both the s-video
> and composite input ports. Complete trash. I called Apple and they were,
> big suprise, of no use whatsoever.
> I have re-installed QT 2.0, but that didn't help (thanks alot for THAT
> suggestion Apple Tech Support). Also trashed various prefs files, but no
> go.
> I have tested the output of my VCR and camera with another source and
> they both
> work fine.
> Anyone have any suggestions?
> James
> I have had the same problem after a crash and eventually noticed this in
> the readme file! :-)
> ...........................................
> "However note that some Macs some times wind up showing only
> "snow" in the local video window (and transmitting it). If that
> happens, you must POWER OFF and start up to get the Spigot to reset;
> just Restart will not do it."
> ..............................................
> Liz
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Thanks for replying Liz, but I must have not been clear in my message...I am
using an 840 AV with BUILT-IN video, not a VideoSpigot. A Spigot would be easier
to fix, I'm sure. I am afraid this will be a system board replacement. Upon
further testing, it appears that the synch is gone..shot, ka-boom!


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