Re: 840AV video input problems

James Hill (
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 16:01:06 -0400

In message <> Gary Hanna
> On Thu, 22 Sep 1994, James Hill wrote:
> > My 840AV has begun 'scrambling' all video input from both the s-video and
> > composite input ports. Complete trash. I called Apple and they were, big
> > suprise, of no use whatsoever.
> >
> > Anyone have any suggestions?
> >
> Sounds more like a hardware problem. Do you feel safe in opening up
> your case? The next thing I'd do if I were in your situation would be to
> take out your AV card and put it back in, making sure it is seated
> tightly. Be careful in there. If you're not too comfortable doing this,
> get some help from someone who is.
> I had a similar problem in our department lately. A 7100 had really
> garbled video. We first tried software solutions and none of them made
> any difference. We then tried using different cables, and that didn't
> help either. I reseated the AV card... no help. So, I put in a different
> AV card from another 7100, and it worked just fine. So, it was the AV
> card itself that was bad. We're currently in the process of getting a
> replacement for it.
> Good day eh, Gary Hanna
> Univ. of Kansas, Special Education

Oh, man, do I ever wish it was that simple! :) Alas, the 840 AV doesn't use an
AV card - it is built-in to the mother board! I am begining to think that the
Mac has somehow lost the ability to synch incoming video...*worried grimmace*

It looks like a system board replacement to me!


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