Mac 0.70b10

Richard Cogger (
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 18:07:32 -0400

The ftp server, /pub/video, now has a new bugfix
release of the beta Mac CU-SeeMe client, version 0.70b10. Changes in this
version are:

1. Nicknames >30 char no longer cause a crash on startup (but will be
truncated to 30 characters). With the previous b9, the workaround for this
bug was to avoid long nicknames.

2. Old Prefs files no longer cause crashes when opening a sound channel (as
when clicking Push To Talk). With the previous b9, the workaround was to
through away the preferences file and be sure to quit cleanly after using
audio to save a good prefs file.

3. There is a small change to the OpenContinue message (CU-SeeMe's
conference control protocol messages) as to the indication of changes--
result is much less work for the reflector as people come and go on a busy

As before with bug fixes, there should be no user visible changes (apart
from lack of crashes for the unwary). Reflector operators may notice many
less log messages when folks have converted to this version.

This is still a *beta* version, though we believe it to be the most stable
version available with audio included (versions since 0.60). We would be
most interested to hear from anyone with reports that b10 now works where
b9 or earlier didn't or vice-versa.

Cheers, -Dick