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Thu, 22 Sep 1994 22:48:26 -0400

On Thu, 22 Sep 1994, Collins,Richard;ContStd; wrote:

> This is the second time I've sent off this message in the hopes that it
> will reach the CU developers.
> No one else is detailing this problem in the group so maybe "it's just me".
> We have disconnect problems. Somehow most of the CU systems I run
> whether transmit or receive only rarely disconnect from a call. The
> disconnect message appears (flashing) and then, for a second or two,
> appears to have worked. Within another couple of seconds the site
> reappears and demands that you try and disconnect again. Most of the
> systems will disconnect if you select disconnect and then EXIT the
> program. After waiting a minute you can then start up again and connect
> to a second site, but not always.
> One or two systems never let you out of that particular connection
> without a reboot and I'm not even sure then.
> I play with this on slip connections also and there, with the help of a
> modem status screen, you get to see what's happening. Even after
> disconnect I know that the transmitting site is still bombarding the port
> with packets. I've watched for as long as 30 minutes and they continue
> to come even without CUSeeme running.

Same exact thing happens to me! You're not alone

> When talking to a reflector it gets even weirder... There I find that
> rather than constantly reconnecting to the reflector I sometimes get the
> address of the last transmitting computer and end up with a one on one
> connect. The computer I'm using seems to become a reflector and I can
> even take the other sites of the reflector session to that other site.
> At that point things usually crash the other site.
> Is this the DATA storm we've heard of??? Is this documented and I just
> missed it?

I think that CU-SeeMe just fails to close the port properly.

> I know this is beta and I'll continue to use at my own risk as always but
> each and everytime I use it without an explaination from the developers I
> run the risk of bringing our campus net down around my ears (30,000).
> I'd appreciate any help!