Finally got it to work

Glen.D.Ebbage (gde@ncc01.ho.BoM.GOV.AU)
Fri, 23 Sep 1994 00:49:51 -0400

To those of you happily operating CU-SeeMe please disregard this message.
If you are having trouble with the windows version this may be of help.

I finally narrowed down my problems to a very slow winsock interface
with PC-NFS winsock. CU-SeeMe would connect to the reflector and after
several seconds of seemingly no activity would time-out and the connection
would stop. I found this to be the result of my slow winsock connection,
ie < 20Kb/s when I should have been getting 100 - 200 Kb/sec. I am now
operating two TCP/IP stacks on the pc with packet driver multiplexing. One
for pc-nfs and the other for Trumpet winsock. PC-NFS has a native winsock
interface but as you have seen it is labourously slow....too slow for
cuseeme. If anybody needs more info on this please send me some e-mail.

One more question for the list... how do I get sound now. Do I need a
soundcard ???

P.S Thanks to the boys in Ulster for their much faster connection otherwise
I would not have realised that the problem was net speed. I actually got
some pics from there before I changed my setup.

cheers, (0 0)

Glen.D.Ebbage. Technical Officer Gr3.

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