Re[3]: Firewalls and CU-Seeme

John Dupuy (
Fri, 23 Sep 1994 20:04:56 -0400

O.K.. James...

Next week I will try to arrange to be a reflector site. If there are
others like yourself who would like to build a "network of reflectors"
please let me know. I would hope to have the reflector
up before the end of next week.

Jeff Pulver

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Subject: Re: Firewalls and CU-Seeme
Author: "James Hill" <> at Internet
Date: 9/23/94 12:40 PM

I, too, am behind a firewall and have been using the method Dick suggests for
quite some time now - I simply run my own reflector on the firewall machine. As
Dick points out, this won't allow me to connect to an outside reflector/client
from my desktop but at least I can have a window on the world! I have also been
fortunate to have other reflector operators willing to link reflectors so as to
broaden my horizons.

Come on! Be a reflector site and we can set up a network of reflectors for us
poor firewall folks!


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