Idea for a CU-SeeMe helper-application

Dr. Cool (
Mon, 26 Sep 1994 03:07:16 -0400

Ok, I realize you guys over at Cornell are extremely busy programming the
next feature-filled release of CU-SeeMe, so I'll pass this request on to
any other programmers who're reading this list and are dying to program
something related to CU-SeeMe. :)

My idea is, what if somebody programmed a little app that polls a bunch of
different reflectors (reflector addresses would be determined by the user)
and returns the following:

* Which reflector's are up and running
* Who is broadcasting on a reflector, and who is just lurking
* Maven-compatible? (so I can use Maven for audio-only, rather than CU-SeeMe)
* If so, is there any audio being broadcast by anybody?

This way, I wouldn't have to connect to a site, see there's nobody there,
disconnect, connect to a new site, see there's nobody there, disconnect,
etc, etc, etc. All this could easily be done in a few seconds by a small
application that does it for me.

I don't think it would need to be a continually-running application that
keeps polling every few minutes, I would just run it once, find a site that
has what I'm looking for (whether it's a NASA-Select feed, or a site with a
lot of video-sending users) then quit and connect to the site in CU-SeeMe.

If you're a programmer who's reading this and I've caught your interest a
little bit, but not enough to jump-start your programming abilities, mail
me and I'll mail you every day and try to sell you on the idea. I'll tell
you what a great programmer you are and how much you'd really enjoy doing
this, and how much respect you'd get from all the CU-SeeMe users, and how
you'd win the lottery the next day all because you spent an hour
programming the greatest little CU-SeeMe utility there ever was.

Or I could send ya five bucks, whichever means more to you. :)

- Aaron