Re: CU-SEEME-L digest 195

Michel Bonjour (
Mon, 26 Sep 1994 04:23:04 -0400

>I'm very glad to report that the -227 error message resulting from the Express
>Modem/CU-SeeMe conflict no longer occurs. I've only tested it for 15 minutes,
>but b10 no doesn't crash my 840AV (like b9 did) and does recognize my
>audio input (like b8 didn't).
>Looks like I can trash b5. Thanks.
>Colin Hunter
>Virology Laboratories, University of Maryland at Baltimore


I'm sorry, but I have to report that b10 STILL generates the famous -227
error message, on my 840AV (without ExpressModem !).
The video stuff seems to work correctly, while the audio palette triggers the
error with a "Quit now" dialog ...

My config:

840AV, 16Mb RAM
CU-SeeMe b10 (no problem with the b5 version)
SONY Video Hi 8mm Video Camcorder (audio + video)
Lots of Extensions, but no modem !

Anyway, thanks to the people working on that great program !

Best Regards, Michel Bonjour

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