new guy questions

Sean Foderaro (jkf@frisky.Franz.COM)
Mon, 26 Sep 1994 14:47:08 -0400

I just started using cu-seeme and monitoring this mailing list so
you've probably seen these comments or questions before. [I did check
the latest FAQ and they aren't answered there].

Are there any publications, on-line or otherwise, that describe the
cu-seeme system? I brought it up quickly on my PC and it works but
I'd like to know how it works and whether the problems I've found
below can be fixed.

I've only got a 14.4k modem PPP link to the net and I've encountered
these problems using cu-seeme on my pc: When it runs it tends to swamp
the network connection. Nothing else gets through (including echo
packets from the ppp daemon, so it tends to think that the connection
has broken). Also sometimes when I disconnect from a reflector it
reconnects on its own five or ten seconds later. Is cu-seeme
is using UDP packets (rather than TCP packets)? Perhaps with all that
data being pumped in my request to disconnect isn't making it back.

I realize that a 14.4 connection is lame but given that that can't be
changed I would prefer to see the sofware work so that a frame updates
every N seconds (rather than swamp my net connection trying to update
as fast as possible).

-- john (sean) foderaro.