Timeline? (was Re: CU Reflector- b10 required)

thommy (thommy@symantec.com)
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 16:45:22 -0400

Speaking of time of development, just what is the proposed timeline
for CUSeeMe? I see from Dick's response below that it may be a year
before a viable (?) product is ready. Is that a true statement? From
my evaluations of other company's products, I believe that we'll see
about a 4 to 6 month window before the first _good_ products hit the
shelves (there's some pretty crappy stuff out there now). I hope that
the CUSeeMe product can make that timeline.

No pressure, ;)


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Subject: RE: CU Reflector- b10 required
Author: R.Cogger@cornell.edu (Richard Cogger) at INTERNET
Date: 9/27/94 12:07 PM

At 12:58 PM 9/27/94, Mr. Delbert K. Matlock wrote:
>>From: cu-seeme-l
>>To: Multiple recipients of list
>>Subject: CU Reflector- b10 required
>>Date: Tuesday, September 27, 1994 12:46PM
>> Cornell's reflector,, will soon require the use of
>>CU-SeeMe0.70b10 or later (for the Mac). This version corrects a problem
>>which caused extra work for the reflector as participants come and go.
>>Windows versions did not have this problem, but we recommend version 0.34b4
>>although it is not enforced.
>What is this going to do to those of us living in the Microsoft Windows
>environment? It appears that Windows development is starting to lag
>significantly behind that of Macintosh development.
> --dkm
Ummm... Actually, in this case, the Windows version *has been* ahead. The
problem fixed in the Mac version didn't exist in the Windows version, hence
didn't need to be fixed. Windows development started about 15 months after
Mac development, and we have now narrowed that gap to perhaps 9 months. We
plan to pull it into about 2 months or less within the year, if we can.

Cheers, -Dick