RE: CU Reflector- b10 required

Richard Cogger (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 16:47:58 -0400

At 2:20 PM 9/27/94, Gordon Roberts wrote:
>Dick Cogger wrote:Ummm... Actually, in this case, the Windows version
>*has been* ahead. The
>problem fixed in the Mac version didn't exist in the Windows version, hence
>didn't need to be fixed. Windows development started about 15 months after
>Mac development, and we have now narrowed that gap to perhaps 9 months. We
>plan to pull it into about 2 months or less within the year, if we can.
>Cheers, -Dick
>What does this mean in terms of Windows and sound?

Sound was first released on the Mac as a beta 5/94. We hope to have it out
on the PC in "a couple" (for some value of couple) of months as a first
beta. If we make it by 5+9 = 14/94 = 2/95, then I will have been right
about 9 months.