Re: MacIICI Locks Up

Larry Chace (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 19:46:04 -0400

Hi, Mitch. CU-SeeMe will run on a IIci (I've used one for development for
some time). Keep trying extension-removal!

The MacRecorder does not seem to work at present. On my IIcx (our "bottom
of the line" test machine), the MacRecorder appears to "hear" something;
CU-SeeMe's "VU meter" moves when I talk. No audio seems to be sent,
however. We haven't had much time to look at this, and perhaps it is a
simple thing to fix, but for now, it will not work.

At least with the 0.72b10 level the MacRecorder will not result in a crash.

Larry Chace (