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thommy (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 21:26:16 -0400

Randolph --

Whoa, whoa! I'm definitely _not_ knocking the Cornell product (IMO,
it's actually _better_ than most everything out now by far).

What I wanted was just what I said: a timeline for release so that I
can determine which path I want/need to take for desktop video

There are no other products on the market right now that can work
equally well on the Mac and under Windows. There are no other
products that work as well over a wide-area network (private or
otherwise). There are no other products that match its price-point

As I stated below, I expect that in the next 6 months or so, we'll see
product starting to ship that will be targeted for business/home
office use and will slip into the mainstream within 12 months after
that. What with telco pushing ISDN and modem speeds doubling every 18
months, and ATM on the horizon (still) along with isochronous
transmission, desktop video is going to be the hot product of the mid
90's. I just want to be sure I'm driving the bandwagon, not just
jumping on.... ;)


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Subject: Re: Timeline?
Author: (Randolph Chung) at INTERNET
Date: 9/27/94 3:51 PM

> Speaking of time of development, just what is the proposed timeline
> for CUSeeMe? I see from Dick's response below that it may be a year
> before a viable (?) product is ready. Is that a true statement? From
> my evaluations of other company's products, I believe that we'll see
> about a 4 to 6 month window before the first _good_ products hit the
> shelves (there's some pretty crappy stuff out there now). I hope that
> the CUSeeMe product can make that timeline.

IMHO, that's not a fair comparison. CUSeeMe is not a commercial product...
plus, if you do compare it to commercial products, look at Chicago (win4.0) =)

(just thought i'd "defend" the cuseeme team for once :>)
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