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Wed, 28 Sep 1994 01:13:37 -0400

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I am going to configure 2 Macintosh systems to be used for executive video
conferencing over a provite ethernet network between San Fransisico and San
Diego and have several performance related quesions. Reliability and high
quality video and audio performance are more important than price.
(1)Should I order a 7100 or 8100 Power Mac?
(2)Should I use the AV version or use the SuperMac video Spigot?
(3)How can I keep the microphone on continuously without pushing the mouse
butin down al the time?
(4)What can I do to reduce the annoying feedback which occurs on my local
Mac. Does the other end hear the eco I hear in my office? Is the Jabra
microphone useful in this situation and how good is the quality of the audio
under CuSeeMe?
(5)Can both parties talk at the same time in duplex mode?
(6)What are the individual Audio CuSeeMe buttons used for?
(7)What is the difference between the grey microphone icon background with
the purple dot and the same icon with a white background?
(8)Has anyone compiled a list of compression and transmission settings for
different Macintosh computer configurations which result in the same video
and audio performance in a controlled enviornment?
(10)What is the best reflector configuration for 8 way conferencing? Should I
dedicate a SUN server to be a reflector? Why are multiple reflectors, one in
San Fransisco and one in San Diego, desireable?

Please respond soon! I need to order this equipment this week and set it up
as quickly as possible! I have been using CuSeeMe for several weeks but still
don't have all the answers I need. We have been getting pretty good
performance on our dedicated ethernet network linking the San Fransisco
office to San Diego. I am very impressed overall with CuSeeMe and I want to
thank Cornell for developing and making available this product to everyone.

Dick Ivan 415 326 4083

Date: 8/31/94 9:33 AM
To: Dick Ivan
From: Bob Dixon
I have the standard Video Spigot for Macs in my 7100/66 and it works fine.


On Tue, 30 Aug 1994 wrote:

> Hello,
> Could someone please supply me with recommendations for
> a supplier for Video Spigot hardware which would be compatible
> with a PowerMac 7100/66?
> Thanks in advance.
> -bill
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