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Wed, 28 Sep 1994 10:25:16 -0400

I'll respond to those questions I can respond quickly to ... busy, busy,
busy. ;( Someone else can answer the others.

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> Reply to: RE>>Videoboard with PowerMac 7100/66
> I am going to configure 2 Macintosh systems to be used for executive video
> conferencing over a provite ethernet network between San Fransisico and San
> Diego and have several performance related quesions. Reliability and high
> quality video and audio performance are more important than price.
> (1)Should I order a 7100 or 8100 Power Mac?

You're opening a hornet's nest here, but here's my $0.02:

If you can, wait another month or so to see what the 2nd generation Power
Macs are going to look like. Right now, the 7100 has some problems with
its NuBus and drive performance (at least according to Macworld). The 6100
is ok, but alas, not much expandability. You can get it close to 8100 speed
with an Alacrity chip booster (Caution: this voids the warranty) and the
PowerMac cache. The 8100 is a great machine (combines the best features of
the Quadra 840AV and 950, and then some), but it's not cheap.

> (2)Should I use the AV version or use the SuperMac video Spigot?

Depends on your use of the machine outside of CU-SeeMe. Neither option
produces professional quality video by itself, but SuperMac has introduced a
sup'd up digitizing card for AV Macs that supposedly does the trick, so you
might want to go the AV route. I haven't tested this at all though. Either
way, both work with CU-SeeMe (even the 7100 works with the regular Spigot,
just don't use QT 2.0 - from the SuperMac rep).

> (3)How can I keep the microphone on continuously without pushing the mouse
> butin down al the time?

Make sure the "Push to Talk" box doesn't have an 'X' in it. Then move the
arrow on the squelch meter down to somewhere below the highest point of your
voice level.

> (4)What can I do to reduce the annoying feedback which occurs on my local
> Mac. Does the other end hear the eco I hear in my office? Is the Jabra
> microphone useful in this situation and how good is the quality of the audio
> under CuSeeMe?
> (5)Can both parties talk at the same time in duplex mode?
> (6)What are the individual Audio CuSeeMe buttons used for?

Get a copy of Maven (2.0a18 I think is the latest). It has balloon help for
the various buttons which is real helpful to Newbies. Cornell, any chance
you could include these, too? ;)

> (7)What is the difference between the grey microphone icon background with
> the purple dot and the same icon with a white background?
> (8)Has anyone compiled a list of compression and transmission settings for
> different Macintosh computer configurations which result in the same video
> and audio performance in a controlled enviornment?
> (10)What is the best reflector configuration for 8 way conferencing? Should I
> dedicate a SUN server to be a reflector? Why are multiple reflectors, one in
> San Fransisco and one in San Diego, desireable?

You should position your reflectors so as to provide the least harm to the
net (which is normally the most efficient setup anyway). Draw a diagram with
the various video flows to assess the most efficient setup.

> Please respond soon! I need to order this equipment this week and set it up
> as quickly as possible! I have been using CuSeeMe for several weeks but still
> don't have all the answers I need. We have been getting pretty good
> performance on our dedicated ethernet network linking the San Fransisco
> office to San Diego. I am very impressed overall with CuSeeMe and I want to
> thank Cornell for developing and making available this product to everyone.

Cheers to Cornell!

> ThankYou
> Dick Ivan 415 326 4083