2 questions about CU-SeeMe

Richard Kennerly (kennerly@nr-tech.cit.cornell.edu)
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 17:21:36 -0400

John Haluska,

1. Yes, the Mac and PC versions are compatible, except that the PC cannot
receive from a Mac sending in high resolution mode. And, the PC does
not yet support audio.

2. Users with Trumpet who are trying to send video find that they stop
receiving soon after connecting and they need to re-boot their machine
to get back in business. I don't know of any other public stacks that
could support CU-SeeMe.

-Rich Kennerly - <rbk1@cornell.edu> PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer

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I have 2 questions regarding CU-SeeMe

1. Are the Mac and PC versions compatible (can both participate in
same conference?)

2. What is the bug reported with Trumpet winsock? That is the TCP/IP
stack I'm currently using, and perhaps the bug is minor and something
I can live with. Does anyone know of any other public TCP/IP stacks
for PC's?

John Haluska, Research Engineer
SRI International

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