bandwith problems

Jonathan Rochkind (
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 23:32:55 -0400

When I connect with reflectors, I get very blocky video, and very
fragmented audio. Sometimes my "lost packet" percentage gets as high as
75%. Video is obviously very blocky,with many missing and non-updating
blocks, sometimes to the point I can't even read the text scrolling
accross the bottom of other's screens.
I can't even seem to send audio at all; I appear to be sending it from
here, but no one else gets it.
And the bad effects aren't the same accross all the windows I'm looking at.
Sometimes one person will come in fine, with only a 10 or 20% packet loss
rate, but other windows at the same time will be almost completely lost.

Is this an experience that most people have, or do I just have particularly
bad bandwith problems?
Does anyone know of any easy way for me to test my available bandwith to
see if the problems are due to my local network, the far reaches of the
internet, or the reflector?