Questions about CU-SeeMe

Risto Virtanen (
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 10:08:58 -0400

How can I tell which window comes from a PC? How do they identify
themselves in the INFO panel of the rightmost ?-icon? I don't think I have
seen any... All version numbers that I've seen have been Mac versions 0.65*
or 0.70* !?

In version 0.70b10 the Send and Push to talk buttons are dimmed in Audio
window! I don't have a video card on this Quadra 950. Does this mean that
lurkers are not allowed to speak anymore? Has there been 'terrorist'
lurkers who have forced this silencing?!

Can AV Macs (PowerMac 7100 AV; I don't have it!) use their video capability
with CU-SeeMe? How? Is the SpigotVDIG extension used or something else
instead? References? What about NuVista videocard on a Mac IIci? Thank you.

The Reflector Message of the Day window does not update if it's been
hidden:-( I believe it should be elemetary to fix it:-) Still better if I
could select and copy text from it...

BTW, I think people should not waste the Internet bandwidth by sending
background music (be it rap or symphony) via CU-SeeMe. There are other more
appropriate (radio) channels for that. Unless they sing it themselves;-)

That brings to mind: I propose that we crown 'That gurl' as The Queen of
CU-SeeMe. What a joy to behold... ;-)