Re: 2 questions about CU-SeeMe

Danny Guy Frezza (bz223@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 20:57:16 -0400

I thought I remembered back a few months ago trying 1.0b and using the 1.0b
with Merit's PPP driver did not work very well at all. I don't think 1.0b
of Trumpet is new. Am I mistaken? I thought the last time I looked, back in
July, there was 1.0b6 of Trumpet.
From all the problems I had with it, I went to Netmanage 4.01 Chameleon
and the problems went away.

-- Dan

>Do you know where this new version of Trumpet is available at, or is it just
>for registered license holders? The FTP site for trumpet (
>only has version 1.0a.
> --dkm
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>>From: cu-seeme-l
>>To: Multiple recipients of list
>>Subject: Re: 2 questions about CU-SeeMe
>>Date: Wednesday, September 28, 1994 10:24PM
>>TRUMPET 1.0b is now released for windows and it works much better with
>>CUSEEME. It may even work too well. For the past two nites I've been


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