Re: FTP Software Inc.

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 01:34:08 -0400

At 15:08 9/29/94, James D. Gillmore wrote:
> We are running 2.2 pctcp and we awere not able to make it work.
>so we got trumpet and we were able tomake it work. If you are able to
>get it going please let us know. The trupmpet stuff only took a bit to
>get going. Maybe we were doing something wrong with the FTP software.

As the West Coast head of Quality Assurance at FTP, I'm interested to hear
of your problems. I am able to run CUSM, but I'm not sure about any
particular release. Are the people on this list who use FTP's TCP/IP stack
going to be upgrading to the current version (in which case you'll have no
problems with CUSM) or stay where you are?

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