Re: Good News on Problem

Tom Bray (
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 09:17:04 -0400

You should have rec'd 2 adapters with your 8100 for the video
in/out adapting. Be warned! They are wired differently for in & out (go
figure), so the out will not work for the in, and v.v. If you don't have
them, you can probably get them from your friendly dealer, or borrow
someone else's who hasn't go to the AV part of their machine yet.

-Tom Bray
U of Michigan

>I also just found out that the PowerMac AV Macs only use a S-video connector.
>Does anyone know how I can get a RCA jack out to S-video in convertor so I
>can connect the Howard Enterprises camera to the 8100 AV?