Re: 2 questions about CU-SeeMe

Frank Chen (
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 09:50:36 -0400

I believe that your problem might be more of the Merit's PPP driver than
the Trumpet. I did not try Merit's PPP driver with Trumpet winsock. However,
I have lots of trouble(and lots of others also have the trouble) to use
Merit's PPP driver under DOS. Even Merit lets everyone get the driver, I
believe that the design and testing are aiming at their own settings.(For
one thing, it needs the PPP server to turn on dynamic IP negotiation even
each client has its own IP already).

I think most people are using internal SLIP driver from Trumpet which will
have less problem than using the external packet driver.

But I agree with you that Netmanage is better. It won't mess up Trumpet
winsock(lots of other TCP/IP stacks need to copy winsock.dll to the same
place) so that I can switch between the two.

> I thought I remembered back a few months ago trying 1.0b and using the 1.0b
> with Merit's PPP driver did not work very well at all. I don't think 1.0b
> of Trumpet is new. Am I mistaken? I thought the last time I looked, back in
> July, there was 1.0b6 of Trumpet.
> From all the problems I had with it, I went to Netmanage 4.01 Chameleon
> and the problems went away.
> -- Dan
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> >Do you know where this new version of Trumpet is available at, or is it just
> >for registered license holders? The FTP site for trumpet (
> >only has version 1.0a.
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> > --dkm
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> >>Date: Wednesday, September 28, 1994 10:24PM
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> >>TRUMPET 1.0b is now released for windows and it works much better with
> >>CUSEEME. It may even work too well. For the past two nites I've been
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