Re: Camera into Serial Porthmmm..

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 13:04:47 -0400

>> The camera is operational at Connectix, but nowhere else until the FCC
>>blesses it. An acquaintance of mine at Connectix says the camera should be
>>shipping in mid-October.
>Interesting. I have seen it advertised (ie. orderable via overnight mail
>in the back of Macworld through Creative Computers MacMall as early as 2
>weeks ago.

It was advertised (and many of us plunked down credit cards) almost two
*months* ago. During the wait, which I don't seem to be having a problem
with, I paid some bills, cleaned the fishtank, and purchased two CUSM
t-shirts (one green and one tan). NOW I'm ready for the camera. (T-shirt
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