Re: Camera into Serial Porthmmm..

Richard Cogger (
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 13:43:09 -0400

As I keep trying to tell everyone:

The Connectix camera WON'T WORK for CU-SeeMe.

Until we fix the program to work with it, which may be real easy or may
not. Right now, CU-SeeMe (for the Mac) checks for Spigot, MacAV, or
ComputerEyesRT. It will not accept anything else. The only way Connectix
could work would be for them to supply a vdig that claimed to be one of the
above and responded the same way to the other calls we use. If we get a
sample with their vdig, we can probably get it working pretty quickly. But
don't expect to just buy one (when that's possible), plug it in and go. It
WON'T WORK period.

Cheers, -Dick

At 11:42 AM 9/30/94, Michael Sattler, San Francisco wrote:
>>> The camera is operational at Connectix, but nowhere else until the FCC
>>>blesses it. An acquaintance of mine at Connectix says the camera should be
>>>shipping in mid-October.
>>Interesting. I have seen it advertised (ie. orderable via overnight mail
>>in the back of Macworld through Creative Computers MacMall as early as 2
>>weeks ago.
>It was advertised (and many of us plunked down credit cards) almost two
>*months* ago. During the wait, which I don't seem to be having a problem
>with, I paid some bills, cleaned the fishtank, and purchased two CUSM
>t-shirts (one green and one tan). NOW I'm ready for the camera. (T-shirt
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