Re[2]: Camera into Serial Port hmmm..

thommy (
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 18:37:01 -0400

To all --

Hopefully, everyone has read Dick Cogger's response to this thread (it
_won't_ work with CUSM right now).

But my question is, does anyone have specs on this camera for what it
_does_ work with? Seems like a serial connection (even pushing at
115k) would be a bit slow for continuous video motion. Is it really a
still camera or kind of a low-number-of-frames-per-second type of
video (kinda stop-action -- ie, claymation)?

I always said that whoever could create a video-input camera for less
than $100 was going to make a million. When do they go IPO? ;)

And how do they get a sample over to Cornell?....


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Subject: Re: Camera into Serial Porthmmm..
Author: (Dave Wargo) at INTERNET
Date: 9/30/94 11:45 AM
I just talked to Liz and Connedtix and they got the approval from the FCC
and are shipping.


> >> The camera is operational at Connectix, but nowhere else until the FCC
> >>blesses it. An acquaintance of mine at Connectix says the camera should be
> >>shipping in mid-October.
> >
> >Interesting. I have seen it advertised (ie. orderable via overnight mail
> >in the back of Macworld through Creative Computers MacMall as early as 2
> >weeks ago.
> It was advertised (and many of us plunked down credit cards) almost two
> *months* ago. During the wait, which I don't seem to be having a problem
> with, I paid some bills, cleaned the fishtank, and purchased two CUSM
> t-shirts (one green and one tan). NOW I'm ready for the camera. (T-shirt
> requests directly to Joanne Callahan <>, not
> me.)
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