Re: New Video Blaster RT300

thommy (
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 18:38:22 -0400

Eric --

Since the board uses an Intel chip, does it also use the Indeo
drivers? If so, read the FAQ on Indeo compression technology.

Other than that, I'd say try it and let _us_ know the results, you can
always return the board.... 8-)


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Subject: New Video Blaster RT300
Author: Eric Moore <> at INTERNET
Date: 9/30/94 11:44 AM

I just got info from Creative on this new verion of the VB and it claims
to do hardware compression on the board with an intel chip, and also to
be video for windows capture compatible. Will the new board work? Should
I buy the VB FS200 which is available now? (Also, anyone have any
experiences with the hauppage wintv?) I'd like any info on experience
with any video capture boards in the ~$2-350 range with cu-seeme and with
other sources. Thanx in advance for any info!
Eric Moore