Re: Camera into Serial Porthmmm..
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 19:27:43 -0400

>since we won't be able to use them for CU-SeeMe right away, does anybody
>have any ideas for their use? maybe they could be a handy quick
>scanner. what programs are there that would accept input from the quickcam?

I would guess that they will work with most any QuickTime compatible
application e.g., to record QuickTime movies. Because the requirements of
CU-SeeMe are different than the average movie recording application
(principally, in that we need to grab the most current frame at haphazard
times of our choosing rather than pushing frames through a pipeline at some
fixed rate), we access digitizers through a relatively low-level QuickTime
layer (calling the VDIG directly rather than through the
"SequenceGrabber"). This leaves us responsible for more configuration
details, which we apparently don't handle properly with some digitizers and
haven't had time to fix yet. We are in line to get a Connectix camera as
soon as is possible and consider it a high priority to get working with
CU-SeeMe. It's my bet that we'll have it working before very many folks
have their hands on the device.

Tim Dorcey
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