Re: Camera into Serial Porthmmm..

cDolphin/TeleTek (
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 20:43:36 -0400

Aaargh! I'm here on my CU-SeeMe-Update-Deprived (b4..tick..tick..)
386SX-20 machine, with a 19.2k link via PPP to the 'net. I just had a
few questions.

1. My SX/20 is going to be replaced shortly with a 486Dx2/66 machine. Will
I see any performance difference in CU-SeeMe video throughput after switching
machines - - it will still have the same 19.2kbps link.

2. I have a computer. I have a camera. All I need is a capture board -
in people's opinions, what is a good, inexpensive board (contradiction?) that
will work well with CU-SeeMeW and other applications (digitizing video from
a VCR onto disc) ???

Thanks for any answers...

- cDolphin, on the upgrade path without a map & compass -