Fri, 1 Sep 1995 00:09:33 -0500

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>Please help. I just downloaded the CUSEEME beta from White Pine.
Everything runs fine except the video source and video format options are
grayed out and I cannot send video. I have a Computer Eyes/RT board in my
computer running the latest WEYES512. program. It works okay in my pc. I
have a cannon 8mm video camera hooked to the Computer Eyes/RT board. I
cannot send any video on CUSEEME. The send options don't work and it is as
though the program isn't recognizing my capture board. How do I get it to?
My provider has dynamic addressing, and I cannot figure out how to create
the special host file configuration. What does it mean that the "Willie
Bob" type hosts file must be in the directory that is in the path before
Windows is started? My hosts file is presently in the c:\windows directory
along with msvideo.dll. I am running Trumpet Winsock, Version 2.0, Revision
B, by Peter Tattan. I called my network administrator, who dynamically
addresses, and they couldn't help me on getting a static address. How do I
get the CUSEEME program to recognize my Computer Eyes/RT card and camera, as
well as get this thing where I can transmit. Any help would be greatly
appreciated as I don't know what more I can read or do to find the answers.
I really want to do some CUSEEME'ing, but boy this is frustrating! Thanks.